Saturday, June 26, 2010

No grey areas!

There is no time for something uncertain, efficient life divides only on Yes/No, Black/White!
Ann Demeulemeester's new Spring 2011 collection for Paris fashion week only consist of black and white colors. Romantic garments, as thought came from 19 century mixed with rubber boots and close-fitted trousers - everything clear, everything decided and no grey areas!

У нас нет времени для чего-то неопределенного, эффективная жизнь делится только на Да/Нет, Черное/Белое!
Ann Demeulemeester's новая коллекция весна 2011 для неделе моды в Париже состоит только из белых и черных цветов. Романтичные рубашки будто из 19 века в миксе с резиновыми сапогами и близко-к-телу брюками - все чисто, все решено и ниаких серых сфер!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feel free.

Giorgio Armani

Roberto Cavalli



Vivienne Westwood

Salvatore Ferragamo

Gianfranco ferre

Bottega Veneta

Men's fashion week in milan has got over a couple of days ago, inspired millions fashionistas and gave a lot of ideas for the 2011 spring/summer look.

It's impossible do not mention that clothing is getting more loose and comfortable for our stressful and busy life! In this season trousers becoming looser and puts on in huge variety of bright prints, geometric patterns and simple calm pastel colors. Desighners give you opportunity to choose textile from jeans to silk.
Especially gracefully looks contrast between close-fitting top and free-to-fit down!

Pictures made by Sonny

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Get covered in... leather

Traveling in fabulous world of Hermes, you can in playful and entertaining way meet up with new collection, advertising campaigns and others gorgeous accessories made by highest quality materials, also, what is basically the most interesting and delightful, discover great application "Dress your screen". Wide amazing, colourful desktop pictures for your computer!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two if by sea

American Vogue June 2010
Photographer Mikael Jansson
Models: Matthew Morrison and Raquel Zimmermann

Quite typical prototype of luxury life-style, but pictures are so colorful and beautiful, that i couldn't miss the opportunity to share them with you! Models as thought, living there independent life and delighting in a health resort, attaches special charm to the photo-shoot.

Немного типичный прототип роскошной жизни, но фотографии на столько красивые и красочные, что я не могла упустить возможность поделиться ими с вами! Модели будто живущие своей независимой жизнью и наслаждающиеся на роскошном курорте, придают фотосессии особый шарм.