Monday, May 30, 2011

Yellow like a sun.

The top of the season obviously not black!

Everyone wants just to resemble the sun!

Photos from Swedish website of very nice blogs! Just discovered!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Out of habits!

To be honest I always have been very classic in my style, as a person who appreciate apparel's quality and the clarity of the lines towards bright chaotic patterns and mixed with whatever outfits. I wouldn't call my style simple and boring, probably just calm and clear. But this post not about my style tendency!

Marni Spring Summer 2011! Is just fabulous!

Yes it is very colorful and bight... But not too freaky (considering my love to simplicity). Full of summer spirit. Such a great elegance through sporty, eclecticaly combined items. The game with a textile, shapes, accessories with a futuristic attach. Wearing you'll probably feel elegant cosmonaut on "resсue the world" mission, what actually we do (rescue) almost everyday...
So in love! Definitely have to get some of this shorts and asymmetricly cut dress.

The pictures can't depict all the beauty of this wonderful garments! So suggest you to see catwalk video!

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