Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Paris will teach you how to love again!


Magical city which takes your breath away. No matter in what mood you are and what period of life you go through, still this city makes your heart beat faster. Magical streets, views and bridges! Romantic, elegant and beautiful. This atmosphere is imposible to describe, the only way to get this city is to feel it with your own heart and than forever fell in love.

What do you think about this city and french people?
They tall that had enough experience to understand that french people have very particular sence of humor. No one ever could understand their jokes. Neither they could not understand this spacial way of making eachother laugh.

Flowers in front of my house. (Boulevard Pereire)
 Cafe in Jardin Tuileries
 Church Place de la Madeleine
View on a Tour Eiffel (Jardin Tuileries)
 Flowers in my Parisian flat
 Parc du Champ-de-Mars
Guess what?? (Of course Louvre) 

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