Friday, April 15, 2011

'Tour tricolore' Marique Schimmel

Seeking for some inspiration in this plane, almost weekend, friday morning, I found on my google reader wonderful editorial by Max Cardelli for Marie Claire Italy April 2011, kindly posted on Fashion Copious blog.
In a while I haven't seen anything so well composed, not too much and not boring. The angles of the pictures and the stylists work is perfect! Combined sportive vests, elegant Chanel-like jacket, accessories, silky pants and bicycles... The headbands and scarfs carre nice reminded of Prada and Hermes looks.
Colores are calm and abbastanza cold. The plane yellow-green pastel background gives good tranquil effect, but in a while pictures are coming out with a lot of dynamic.
Thanks a lot, Max Cardelli, indeed inspired!

Photography gives personal perception for each of us!
Let me know, what you think about this pictures?
Thank you!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Link in a chain.

Impatiently share with you update of my shoe collection!

Even though it's not really my style (too elegant) I fall in love with this milky pink patent-leather pumps. Wonderful silver-gold chain on ankles perfectly refreshes it's classic look.
Can't wait to put them on!

P.S. It will be almost impossible to walk on florentine pavements, but strong man's arm will be a great point of rest!