Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Something from the past...


Saturday morning. 9 a.m on your HERMES red leather table clock, which is one of your favorite best friend's gift, a symbol of your strong, long turn friendship. The fresh wind comes into your room, beige curtains start slowly fly, moving up and down. You take a deep breath, smile. Life on the streets getting louder. In cafeteria downstairs people drink hot, strong coffee and scent, a bit astringent but good enough to fulfill the quality of colombian coffee beans, comes to your nose. The smell is bracing you to get up, freshen up your face and easily slip up your blue CHLOE dress and LANVIN ballerinas, take your laptop and hurry outside to have a breakfast.
Take a seat in a lovely place where you feel a bit more private, open your MAC, slowly take your first sip of an awaking bitter coffee and finally plunge in a fascinating FASHION FICTION blog. The world of words, the world of stories, miracle place of inspiration, emotions and feelings. You see a new post, read it trough to catch the idea, read it slowly again to observe the atmosphere, enjoying each word, carefully thinking over each thought and dream, mentally travel and experience a new unknown life. Than, you read some parts which seems to you the most attractive and suddenly sunburst fell upon your face. You turn to a shining sky, reflectively smile and think that your day has got a great start.

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