Saturday, February 25, 2012


What is real freedom, do we actually want it? If it's something achievable or just a dream we want to obtain. Aren't we too framed to a certain chain of consequences, clich├ęs and world-widely excepted regulars. Keeping eye of fashion is there real freedom anymore. Isn't a fashion about self experiencing and experimenting or maybe identifying your own identity. But realistically, do we really see everyday so many creatives walking around in an artistic clothes and having fun about their style. Instead, only the most brave ones having their items creatively mixed with eye-catching colours and patterns. Even in a fashion industry, such a frame where name and price can decide a lot by excusing it with a quality.
Following fashion we following frame, some styles we are more familiar with and we take it to apply and accomplish as our own creation, even though it has been repeated million times before you. Didn't you ever think that life is too repetitive?

Just during this LFW, VAUXHALL FASHION SCOUT, I have realised how much I enjoyed to see an individuality, independence...  On the exhibition of young designers, making first steps towards their dream, shown all those amazing pieces with (yet) unknown label on, but with an incredible idea! Why clothes has to have a heritage only from a companies and designers... I enjoy irreplaceable elegance, beauty, which everyone see in its own way...

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Thanks for creativity to:
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Why don't we pay more attention to distinction, uniqueness?
What about thinking about your own individual style? Just you and your inspirations, let say... streets, flowers, countries, characters of books, music, smells, your own memories, family, your roots, time... the true inspiration not repetitive from someone...
The way you feel yourself and this world...
Truly... you and yourself... Individual as a diamond!

IRVING PENN, Faucet Dripping Diamonds

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