Monday, June 11, 2012

V+A / 20's century costume.

Finally, I have visited reopened fashion part of Victoria and Albert museum.

Historical overview of fashion trends up until modern day's collections, which became a part of fashion history. Indeed, that's a great starting point to deep into fashion history. It has the most memorable garments of 20's century.
Obviously the exhibition is focused on London's fashion and it's designers such as the king of fashion Alexander McQueen and on city's remarkable store BIBA. In any way influential french designers took most of the space. Particularly impressed  50's "New Look", to see all those garments by Christian Dior and more simplified dresses by Balenciaga was miracle. Apart from garments presented illustrations by Karl Lagerfeld, pages and covers of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar always interesting to see in life. Elsa Schiaparelli's ad campaign was the key delight of the exhibition, just something what you most probably won't find and pay attention by googling.
Well in a few words, just great light composition of must see pieces of fashion history.

 McQueen a/w 1997-98
 Christian Dior "the NEW LOOK" 1945-50s'
 Balenciaga 50s'
 Vogue, September 1964 and "Space Age" sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith Eyewear, 1968
Ad for Vogue, Elsa Schiaparelli parfume "Sleeping" by Marcel Vertes, 1939

Generally talking V+A always impressed me with it's diversity and modernity. That's one of those secret places which you prefer to keep for you and your only "most deserved to be initiated friends". The caffe is the place to visit. Posh, simultaneously chilling with a very reserved prices and life instrumental music.


I assume that's the way art should be! V+A keeps it to be approachable to anyone and everyone. As the true museum is not a place of business, it's a house of art which should be available for public to enjoy and presented for appreciation, isn't it?!

For reference:  is good for browsing and learnings. And if you live in London or plan to visit it, I recommend you to sing up for news letters. They are normally sent weekly to inform about all the up-comming events and exhibitions. Indeed a lot of things are going on, such as flamenco guitar concert or interesting talks and studies.

Good to know!

All the pictures and comments have been taken prom V+A exhibition.

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