Thursday, January 10, 2013

Restaurant you must go to.

Those who is heading to Moscow and planning to attend some nice places or those who is actually living in Moscow and doesn't know the place where you can eat tasty food for relatively low price - this post is for you!
I adore Moscow with its snow and proud to say that this is my home town.
So would like to share with you one of mine top secret place.
Restaurant Turandot. Truly beautiful with a very tasty food. The biggest treasure is decore. To create such a castle needed 6 years, so you can imagine how much work was inputed to make as impressed. Waiters are very polite and even ready to give you a lecture on any question you ask concerning their field. For instance explain the production of champaign or the story of the restaurant where they work. Cousin is different depending on the theme. So it's logical that this place is better to reserve before coming.
A little tip - if you don't want to spent too much money you can check online a time and date of set menus where you pay about 50 euros per person for an unlimited food menu + drinks as extra payment.  For now as far as I am concerned it's available each weekday from 12.00 till 24.00. Otherwise I would go for a weekend brunch with a life music and unlimited food, drinks and unbelievable table of deserts. The total for a brunch is around 100 euros per person - a bit price, but not too expansive for such a place, food and atmosphere. For brunch, the table is better reserve on the second floor, because tables with food are upstairs where you will go to chose the food you wish.
If you already have been there, or going to go - share with us your experience!
Mine is great!

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