Friday, February 7, 2014

"Made in Russia"


Congratulations to everyone on the final arrival and first day of Winter Olympic games in Sochi!
Beautiful, elegant and gigantic opening ceremony! (Video to come)

This event has made someone proud of Russia, by remembering success, victories and cultur having done an input in a history of the world, which perhaps sliped off many minds. Some got into it with a big interest to research further what they've learned tonight. Others hated it and rather prefer to narrow their minds on the Russian Gay laws and perceptions to this delicate question (as if there are no other issue to raise).

Would you consider this Olympics to be a first step into a new era of grand development of Russia?
How will it impact into russian fashion industry? No sense to straggle! Let's clear it up and see in a couple of weeks a new post with all results!

Dear Friend, as mentioned, this research is dedicated to estimate potential success of emerging "Made in Russia" fashion concept and it’s popularity oversees (UK or any other country).

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