Saturday, March 8, 2014

Women's day

 I Wish

I wish you always to love me, 
the way that I love you 
I wish you could be near me 
like I want you to 

I wish I could share with you 
All my hopes and dreams 
But all my wishing is in vain 
that is the way it seems 

I'd like to know what it is like 

to lose myself in you 
To know I'm loved above all things 
Would be a dream come true 

To be your one and only 
to comfort and assure 
That every need of yours is met 
With love that is so pure 

If wishing could make this come to pass 
Then here is where you'd be 

In just the twinkling of an eye 
With arms encircling me 

Though wishing will not make it so 
This much I know is true 
I'll think..and hope..but I 
will never stop wishing for you... 

(Unknown Author)

Dear ladies!

I wish you to love and to be loved
I wish you to shine and to be lightened
To be the only and unique
Remember that you are unlike
To smile for life
And have your heart alive.

Happy women's day!

The corner OME.

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