Saturday, March 1, 2014

Made in Russia results

As been promised, here are results!

In the survey has been participated 80 people (the research is still on and responses are still welcomed!)

General information of participants:
- 55 are women and 26 - men (68%, 32% respectively)
- 43% aged up to 24, 40% up to 34, 12% up to 44, and minority are slightly older than 44.
- All different nationalities from different countries. (many Russians, some Americans and British etc.)

Coming to the analysis, majority are actually unfamiliar with russian art, which is not a surprise. Although Russia always had a great identity, with a rich history and know-how in many industries, apparently advertising and marketing is the one which is missing in that list, probably that is the reason why you don't know anything about russian culture.

35% of those who are familiar with it, have identified it as "Interesting, promising, exotic", "Niche, avant-garde, emerging", many people called it classic/traditional, young, edgy, minimalistic and clean and in the same time many called it chic, rich, gold, show off and initially expansive. Quite controversial...
Now we can see that russian art culture hasn't got its' place in the opinionated wold. Which is a good and a bad thing. Perception of Russian style is getting over to its' show off, no taste and tacky image. But which direction does it takes, we don't know yet.

Returning to russian fashion, Gosha Rubinskiy and Julia Nikolaeva are actually quite known, although only by Russians and some fashion experts. Obviously if you follow "street look" blogs and press, than you definitely know Uliana Sergeenko and Vika Gazinskaya, who are fashion designers and paradoxically invited to all fashion shows in Paris.

Almost no one shopped at russian designers, but a small group of 11 people actually purchased some items from Gosha Rubchinskiy, Yadviga Locika, Elena Suprun, Vassa, Alena Akhmadulina, and of course Simachev (must-have in Russia a few year ago).
On average they have spent 201-301£ per item and were actually happy wearing it afterwards, although many wish it were chipper.

80% of those who wasn't familiar with russian art culture actually would be very interested in learning something about it.

86% of participants would also shop at those designers, as long as the items are nice and at appropriate quality. The reason is freshness and newness. Famous Russians also were the inspiration to follow their look.

Emerging young designers can not rely on customers' support, unless the clothes are really edgy and bold and there is nothing with support itself. Customers are willing to pay only if the item worth the money it requests.
The best comment comes from Brazilian journalist "they can ask their parents for support".

And yes, participants are from a totally different background, many students, some engineers, sportsmen, many working in art and fashion industries: director, journalist, jewellery designer etc.

If you are not agreed with results and would like to leave your voice, please clic on the link!

Personally #TheCornerOME thinks that Russian fashion has got a good initiatives and great style, but  unfortunately not all designers. Some brands are still rough and immature to be sold at the price requested and to be distributed at the international level.
Gosha Rubchinskiy

Julia Nikolaeva


Yadviga Locika

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