Sunday, April 5, 2015

In the memory of mine
I have a section that never die
Some bits are blurred
Some bits are clear
But all of them do make me feel
As if I did experience a dream.

I must admit it was My dream 
which wasn't estimated as true deal.
It's still unclear what do I feel 
about this possessive fear...
Should I except you leave me here 
or should I beg you to be near?

I know my dear that hesitation thrill 
is dirty game that never should be real. 
But through that mental way i still
Believe in memory of mine and dream…

Time pass and things as well
But should we leave imagination hell
That takes us up to hill 
or trough from mountain back to here.

This poesy is pure and clear
It helps my heart to breath and feel.
My soul should not be closed
As there is darkness at the close.

I want to shine and give that shine
To open heart and leave it bright
But downside of that is thrill

Emotional, possessive and surreal.

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