Sunday, June 14, 2015

#FARШ / My food in Moscow.

Big need to share with you one of the new places in Moscow, because today surprisingly happened to eat one of the best burgers in my life.
#Farш is a gastronomic "fast food" in the heart of Moscow a 7 min walk from Red Square and a minute walk from Lubyanka tube station. (1st/red line).
Here you have to stand a line of 20 people in order to order. For some reason it somehow reminded me of McDonalds or Burger King but it is incomparable. Those burgers are with delicious beef, meat out of the most precious parts of the animal, the key component of burger, heavenly light bread, in-house made where potato is a secret component, fresh veggies of this burger are also raised in house. They say that the key to the best burger is a harmony and balanced amount of meat, bread, souse and vegetables.
The owner of this great place is Arkady Novikov. Yes, the one who owns the "Novikov" restaurant and bar in London. Surprisingly when today we were seating and eating our burgers we noted Novikov himself walking in and, well, of course, we have thanked him for such a delicious lunch!

No wonder why the queue to this place is so big, meanwhile realising that the price to this healthy creation of food art is actually almost the same as in burger king.

This place does not need any advertising, I just want you to try it if you live in or visit Moscow. Personally I am not a big fan of Moscow restaurants but today I was honestly impressed by the taste of food, other doesn't matter at all!
Bon appetite!

How we wanted to look:

How we actually looked eating....

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